Legends Homeowners Association

Here are some of our more frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, you may email the helpdesk by clicking the following link. 


1.    What are the landscape requirements?

        The standard minimum requirements for landscaping and how to submit for landscaping approval can         be found on this site under HOA Documents.

2.     What do I do if there is an irrigation emergency?

        If there is a break in an irrigation line or if the pump is off you may contact Alicia Criswell (970) 985-1227

3.      Who turns my irrigation system on?

        When the watering season begins the HOA starts up the main system; However, it is your responsibility to         start up your individual system. 

4.      Who shuts down and winterizes my irrigation system?

        The HOA is responsible for ensuring that all systems get properly blown out including those who are not         on the maintenance program. It is important that every ones system is blown out at the same time to         ensure there is no water left in any of the lines.  

5.      When are my HOA fees due?

         Annual fees:  HOA fees are due by the 15th of January and will be billed at the beginning of January. Not         receiving a bill does not mean you do not have to pay. a $25.00 late fee is assessed to delinquent owners.

6.      What is the irrigation schedule?

        Please see HOA Documents for the watering schedule.