Legends Homeowners Association
Legends HOA Contact Information

Legends HOA . PO BOX 2663. Grand Junction, CO 81501
 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 
8:00AM to 5:00PM 
Legends HOA Board Members
President: Ron Abeloe 
Vice President: 
Secretary:  Naomi Martin
Treasurer: Paul Meyer

Irrigation Committee
If there is an Emergency such as if the irrigation line has a break or the pump is off,you may call:
Alicia Criswell: (970) 985-1227

Landscape Maintenance Company
For landscape maintenance customers and irrigation emergencies. (This can incur a fee for emergencies, please contact the Irrigation Committee first.)
​Jorge Palma: (970) 697-9450

Legends Administration
Alicia Criswell
HOA Administrator of The Legends/Bella Dimora HOA
Lighthouse Management, LLC
P.O. Box 2663 Grand Junction, CO 81502
(970) 985-1227